I am enough

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This is a blog dedicated to my recovery from an eating disorder. I will never post triggering photos, which in my opinion, include skeletal humans, bloody humans, and cats. What you will find are pictures of yogis, words of wisdom from other recovering gals, pictures of my lovely face, and stories that I write, which are usually in the form of memoir.

My mummy’s coming!

We’re going out for sushi in honor of my birthday, which is next week:)

I’m so excited for her to see me cuz I’m feeling real healthy and I must admit I’ve gained a few lbs and they are lookin’ nice. 

  1. listn2myheart said: You are looking and sounding incredible (as always)… how is the b/p in the back of your mind going?? Oh! And I didn’t tell you before, you and my mom share the same birthday so since she is not around anymore, you get all the wishes!! <3
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