I am enough

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This is a blog dedicated to my recovery from an eating disorder. I will never post triggering photos, which in my opinion, include skeletal humans, bloody humans, and cats. What you will find are pictures of yogis, words of wisdom from other recovering gals, pictures of my lovely face, and stories that I write, which are usually in the form of memoir.

This blog is getting real

…life friends. 

i am finally sharing this blog with my real life friends because i love them and i want them to see how helpful this blog has been in my recovery. I just wanted to thank all of you lovely followers for everything: your support, your advice, your existence. 

  1. listn2myheart said: You are brave! My Tumblr is my anonymous place where I can brain/emotion dump. Not sure I would want r/l people seeing my brain — it’s a scary place ;)
  2. troublefish said: (what i meant was, some people have a more person blog where they talk about their issues. like me for instance, haha).
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